Explore your flight simulations cockpits...by moving your head around with TrackIR

Welcome to the Virtual World : The TrackIR is a USB device that senses the movements of your head and transcribes them in your video games for an unprecedented immersion. Turn or tilt the head, lean backward or forward, approach the screen, make a lateral move, and your virtual avatar will do the same in its environment - the very principle of "motion capture", but in full real-time.


The technology used by the tracker allows sampling of extreme precision (120 samples per second) and will capture all your slightest movement on the 6 degrees of freedom (3 translations axes / 3 rotation axes) for an immersive, seamless and unforgettable experience for all categories of games including:

Virtual Reality into your flight simulations : FSX, FS2004, X-Plane, Condor


Turn your head in the cockpit, move in your seat, find the actual layout of instruments. Check your headings, altitude, and configuration of all the instruments in the cockpit at a glance. Where is the runway? Right here, on your right, look at it! ... And that landing in the helicopter that has always bedevilled you because of the difficulty of controlling the view using a hatswitch on top of your joystick? ... Repeat the test now with your new TrackIR : you can look through the window at the bottom of the canopy under your feet, check back your alignment with the horizon, without even thinking - and then make the smoothest landing you could have dreamed of, due to the increase perception stream offered by TrackIR. The landscapes are displayed wherever you look at and your sense of immersion is absolute! The virtual view goes under your total control and monitor instantly with a perfect fluid, all movements of your head. You can even look backward while still looking at your screen thanks to a TrackIR configuration called Motion Scaling whereby beyond a certain angle, your moves will be amplified. All is perfectly adjustable in TrackIR thanks to an elaborate setting utility, with predefined profiles for the most popular games, and generic profiles for specific game types (flight sim, car sim, FPS, etc.)

Air Combat: Lock-On, A-10, Rise of Flight, etc.

Your dogfights will never be the same again once give them a go with your TrackIR installed.  You won't be able to go backward and play without it once you'll have tasted the exquisite immersion afforded by TrackIR and  the incredible ease with which you can turn your head in the cockpit and identify your targets. Whether you tlying modern technology fighters , or the Red Baron Triplane, TrackIR makes yourself feel that you are really there, in the cockpit for epic air duels ... The experience is so realistic that it becomes frightening at some point!

Auto Racing: GTR, DiRT, R-Factor, etc..


Turn you head with each turn, check your mirrors before exiting the pits, adjust your body attitude to have a better sight when the road is tricky, check the other competitors when you double, look in the direction of the car's velocity vector [as opposed to being forced to look in front of the car, as those two direction can differ, for instance when the car is drifting ]adjust your trajectory in rally turns, when your back wheels are loosing grip ... TrackIR pushes the driving experience in a whole new dimension and you will find the thrill of real driving and racing.

FPS: Armed Assault Armed Assault 2, The Hunter ...

Once you've tasted the exquisite immersion offered by the FPS games optimized for TrackIR, you will forget the reality around you because the game itself will become true reality as your own reality blurs ! In a movement of the head, like on a real battlefield, you can scan the whole horizon, you check your blind spots and spot enemies units arriving without being seen, just by hiding and leaning slightly behind any object. TrackIR offers an enhanced awareness of the situation and a totally "engulfing" experience.

...And Many More !

Whatever your gaming experience to date, the TrackIR pushes it into a new dimension.

"It seems that TrackIR has done for the simulations what the mouse did for the computer world in general. TrackIR has become an indispensable tool in the arsenal of simulation fans. Congratulations to Natural point for being so visionary with this superbly innovative new product. "


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